Couples Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

As humans, we're all hard-wired to want to find a significant other with whom we connect and can share the excitement, joys, trials and tribulations of our lives. But, unfortunately, our partners don’t come with an instruction manual!


Navigating relationships can be a real challenge at times. For many of us the person we love most in the world, the one who can send us soaring joyfully into space, is also the person who can send us crashing back to earth. If you're in a relationship that's traveling in murky waters, you're not alone. I see couples daily that feel stuck in relationship patterns, often describing a feeling like they're experiencing the same argument over and over without any resolution. Many couples describe feeling disconnected from their partner and experiencing difficulties communicating with one another. Many feel confused or misunderstood by their partner, and some struggle with the decision to persist with the relationship or give up.


We can all get caught up arguing about surface level issues, but often there are bigger underlying issues present. At Psychology Solutions we focus on addressing these underlying issues, helping couples to identify and shift perceptions, emotions and unmet needs that often drive problematic behaviours in the relationship. We look to improve communication through rebuilding trust and connection in the relationship, by understanding each partner's needs and how they can be met. Finally, we aid couples in managing emotions more effectively so a healthier, happier relationship can emerge.


If you're experiencing troubling times or a communication break down in your relationship, contact us for couples relationship counselling.

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