Renee Mclaughlin is proud to offer clients a unique form of psychodynamic therapy - Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). ISTDP is highly effective in the treatment of a range of emotional problems, interpersonal difficulties and self-destructive behaviours.


what is istdp?

ISTDP is psychodynamic therapy that facilitates long-term resolution of a broad range of psychological and psychiatric problems. It is an evidence-based psychotherapy that is strongly supported by current clinical research studies. Clients often find that ISTDP can be very effective, even when other therapies have failed.


ISTDP is a brief, focused therapy that looks beyond symptom treatment and focuses on treating the root cause of a person’s problems. It is an interactive therapy, where clients and the therapist work in partnership to identify and shift unhelpful psychological, emotional and behavioural mechanisms ('defences'), to overcome the internal struggle with feelings about past and present overwhelming experiences. It is an attachment-focused therapy, where emotions, anxiety and defences are worked with directly in session.


If it sounds like ISTDP might be for you, or you would more information about this type of therapeutic approach, don't hesitate to contact us. 



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