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Professional supervision

Are you a clinician who is looking to improve your clinical skills? Are you wanting to learn how to work with clients in a way that maximises therapeutic outcomes? Perhaps you would like to learn how to address the root cause of clients’ problems or understand potential barriers to treatment progress? Or maybe would like to be more attuned to the ‘process’ of therapy and aware of what is happening ‘in the room’ with your clients? If so, then professional supervision with me would be a good fit for you.

I am regularly involved in the professional supervision of a range of clinicians, including clinical and registered psychologists, social workers, mental health workers, therapists and counsellors. I am also a board approved supervisor for provisionally registered psychologists who are working towards registration. Most of the clinicians I supervise however, are experienced practitioners who are looking to advance their clinical skills and seek guidance in relation to working with more complex clients.

The work that we do can be incredibly fatiguing and without good supervision we can often feel ‘stuck’ in our work and at risk of burnout. I am personally committed to my own professional development and get great benefit from engaging in regular supervision. If you would like to book a supervision session, either face-to-face or online, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.



Skill development in supervision

Clinical skills you can expect to develop through regular professional supervision include:

  • How to establish an internal focus, so clients are working on problems that are within their control to change
  • Understanding the root cause of clients’ problems
  • How to develop clients’ self-awareness and self-reflection skills
  • How to maintain a therapeutic focus, where you are helping to build clients’ capacity and enhance their emotional core strength
  • Response – intervention techniques
  • Understanding the role of feelings, anxiety and defences
  • Understanding anxiety pathways and how to work with clients at an optimal level
  • Understanding attachment patterns and how these might be present in clients’ relationships, including the therapeutic relationship
  • Awareness of what is happening ‘in the room’ with clients
  • Identifying barriers to engagement and treatment progress
  • Working with complex clients
  • Increasing your own self-awareness and self-reflection skill



Professional development workshops

In addition to professional supervision services, I also provide professional development workshops for clinicians. Topics vary depending on the nature of the workshop that I am running at the time, however the above-listed skills are a good overview of the advance clinical skills that are often the focus of workshops. Many of my workshops are run in conjunction with one of my trusted colleagues, so workshop participants can be assured of a breadth of knowledge and experience to learn from.

To find a list of upcoming workshops please click the link below. Tailored workshops can also be designed for specific groups or organisations, so if there is a topic you would like a workshop on please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you would like to be notified of any upcoming workshops than please click ‘subscribe’ in the section below.