Helping you enhance your emotional core strength, so you can live the life you deserve

Work with me

I believe that in order to achieve meaningful change, we need to truly understand ourselves and the underlying cause of our problems. Often we don’t invest time in really getting to know ourselves, instead running on autopilot and maintaining old unhelpful patterns. Despite often wanting more for ourselves we don’t know how to move forward, or we try but end up unwittingly sabotaging our efforts. Working with me will help you to press pause and recalibrate; giving you the opportunity to enhance your emotional core strength so you can start living the life you desire.

Much like the important role physical core strength plays in our physical health, emotional core strength is imperative to our emotional health. Strengthening your emotional core gives you greater capacity to lean into vulnerability, tolerate difficult feelings, be fully present, authentic and connected with yourself and others. In working together, I can help focus you in the right areas for the change you desire and help you overcome any internal barriers that potentially hinder you.

If you think we might be a good fit to work together, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I currently provide individual therapy for adults (16+), two days a week at my clinic in Robina on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland. For those who cannot attend the clinic in person, I also provide online consultations.



Can I help you?

Clients that I work with range from those who have never seen a psychologist before, to those who have had significant treatment but may not have had the outcomes they were looking for. Therapy with me is a true partnership. I will always be guided by what you want to work on; I may have the clinical expertise but you have the ‘you expertise’.

I see clients who want to make changes in their life but struggle to know how. Often they can’t find the fulfilment they are searching for, or struggle to get balance in their life. Many suffer from anxiety or depression, or have a problematic relationship with food, alcohol or other substances. Some clients feel overwhelmed by emotions, while others struggle to feel emotions at all.

Lots of clients seek help because they live with frequent self-doubt, inner criticism or unrelenting high standards. Others engage in therapy because they are looking to improve their relationship with themself and stop self-limiting behaviours. Many want to learn how to be more connected with themselves and the people they love.

If you are looking to address any of these concerns, then you’ll be right at home working with me. To learn more about me and my approach to therapy please click below.



Learn with me

In addition to my one-on-one work, I also provide opportunities for you to learn with me through personal development workshops. Many of the areas covered in my workshops are topics I would focus on in individual therapy. It is about helping you to get clear about the problems you want to overcome and the outcomes you desire. Helping you to understand the mechanisms that drive your difficulties and the internal barriers that may be tripping you up in your pursuit of a better life. It is an opportunity for meaningful reflection, to build true self-awareness and work on the most important relationship in your life; your relationship with yourself.

Most people I work with are genuinely excited by the prospect of self-discovery but fear what they might find deep within themselves. Some even question whether change is possible for them, or if they have got what it takes to create the life they desire. The beauty of my workshops is that you can work through things at your own pace, in a way that makes most sense for you.